Chef Doron Haendel started his career like most other chefs, at the apron strings of his mother. At the age of ten he surprised mom, when she came home from work, with a pepper steak dinner. Although she had a strict rule that the children were not to touch the stove, her anger melted away when she had her first bite. Doron was an avid watcher of Graham Kerr’s, The¬†Galloping Gourmet. He would try the recipes on his family.A man with a red shirt and black pants, his hands behind his back standing in front some bushes with yellow flowers, and a white house in the background.

Throughout high school he had part time jobs at a Kosher Deli and Chinese restaurant. He became a competent short order cook and learned the appetizer station at the Chinese Restaurant. During college at the University of Massachusetts, he worked at several restaurants both in the back and front of house. During his student teaching in New York City, he went to bar tending school in the evening. After returning to UMass he worked at the busiest night club in Western Massachusetts, The Rusty Nail.

Chef Doron attended the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts and was their first graduate. He worked for a few catering companies and bakeries in the Boston area. He also catered parties and was a personal chef. In 1983 he opened his bakery, All You Knead. The Boston Globe awarded it several Hit of the Week awards.

With his wife he became the owner and chef of L’Auberge Bed & Breakfast and Bistro in Bethel, Maine.

Doron has joined the family business here at Briar Patch. He serves breakfast to our guest and will cater small events (less than 60). Now he is excited to share his passion for excellent food and how to achieve success in the kitchen by joining in the Cooking Class Weekend at Briar Patch.